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1997 Honda
Odyssey Prestige

Stock Number: 


Are you looking for a unique and stylish family vehicle that stands out from the crowd? Look no further! We're excited to offer this gem, a 1997 Honda Odyssey JDM imported van in the top Prestige trim level. This iconic minivan is a true head-turner and comes with an array of features to enhance your driving experience.

Grade 4 Odyssey. Auto + FWD. Will need new tires.

Pricing will be listed once vehicles have arrived and have been inspected.

As with all of our incoming cars, contact us if interested in discounted pricing directly off the boat.

96,300km on Odo (~ 59,700 miles).

ETA Jan 2024



--------- Pre-Arrival: $8,890











Claim this vehicle today using the RESERVE NOW button! 

Enter the vehicle details in the notes so we know which vehicle you are reserving, as well as your contact info for us to best contact you at.

This is a $500 holding service fee to reserve this vehicle as yours.  This amount will be applied towards the total cost  (i.e. if the vehicle is listed for $5500, the $500 holding fee is paid now and you will owe the remaining $5000 upon final payment).

This fee is Non-Refundable should you change your mind & decide to no longer purchase the vehicle. There is a cost associated with us holding a vehicle and turning away all other interested parties. Do not use this button unless you fully intend to purchase the vehicle! By using this button you are agreeing to these terms.

You will have 10 days to pay the remaining balance in full. After 10 days: (1) an additional storage charge of $100 per week will be applied to the total balance due, or (2) the order will be cancelled.

Direct to consumer Discounted Pricing only applies to vehicles that have not yet arrived to the US. Vehicles are sold As-Is and are delivered to the customer directly off the vessel. We offer this as a way for customers to save a significant amount of money by purchasing the vehicles prior to us receiving them and going through our reconditioning process. Customers are buying these vehicles As-Is at their own risk, and are not subject to refunds of any kind.


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